• Klimatkonstinstallation på Islandstorget

    Åkte till Islandstorget idag för att bli fotograferad i en tillfällig studio där i en av funkisvillorna.

    Utanför tunnelbanan hittade jag den här lilla konstinstallationen.

  • Lördag. Dagen man helst ägnar roliga saker men som ofta landar i att utföra inte lika roligt fix. Själv styr jag mot Sätra med ett lass trasiga vitvaror. Tillfredsställande på andra sätt.

  • Äter sushimiddag med min dotter efter hennes fotbollsträning. Det är sensommar. Vi småpratar. Utanför hörs stadens brus genom den öppna dörren. En stund att minnas.

  • Gick lunchpromenad – tvingades klättra över mur

    Ingen dålig plats att ha inom räckhåll för en kort lunchpromenad. Dessvärre tog stigen slut vid en mur...

    …som jag på ett väldigt graciöst sätt tog mig över.

  • Den här Mogul lär vara ganska nöjd med att hens sedan länge borttagna målning är kvar i Pokemon Go, med kredd och allt.

  • Back in the city – with mixed feelings

    I am back in Stockholm after five good weeks living #torplife on the countryside. Today was my first day at work and everything was pretty much the same as it was before vacation. I guess that’s fine. To get as much out if the day as possible I went up early, dressed up in shorts and running shoes and took a run to work. And when my office hours were over I ran home again. In the locker room I met a reporter at DN I recognized but I couldn’t remember his name. We have never met before but I am sure I have seen his photograph in the paper many times.

  • Reconsider everything

    The start of August is reconsideration time. Am I in the right place? Am I working in the right place. Am I really living the life I want to? These questions are coming back to me around this time every year. After a couple of vacation weeks in the countryside I always feel energized, full of creativity and happy. I spend all days with my wife and kids and we are doing fun stuff together and there is also time for doing fun stuff alone. I never feel bored or stressed out. This is the benefits of being off work but when I daydream about leaving our apartement in Stockholm for good and buy a house out here, I tend to ”forget” about the non-working part of it all. If we did move nothing would be like it is right now. Going to and from work would take much longer for example. In Stockholm I ride my bike for 15 minutes, out here I would probably have to drive for at least 30 minutes. And the kids couldn’t walk home for themselves after school. There would be no close neighbours, no street lights and no open late-shops in the area. And it’s not easy to find a job as a journalist out here. I would have to find something else probably.

    Still, I keep daydreaming. I’ll do it for another week. Then I’m back in Stockholm at my job, the kids are back in school and everything will feel just fine again. I guess that also is a part of what we in Sweden call ekorrhjulet, the treadmill of life. 

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